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about us

We founded the August 1st association in December 2021. So we're still in our infancy, but that doesn't stop us from making big plans. Our vision is to celebrate August 1st in Bern together with all of Switzerland.

Who we are

We are a committed and experienced group that is passionate about organizing Switzerland's birthday. Events with all the trimmings are our passion.

What is important to us

We want to work as sustainably and ecologically as possible, for the sake of people and the environment. We work for this every day.
  • Regionality: We prefer to work with partners from the region. This also applies to the food, by the way, seasonal and local products simply taste even better.
  • Save instead of wasting - also with paper. We communicate primarily digitally and, if necessary, print on paper that is as ecological as possible.
  • Human power: whether women, men, neutral or a bit of everything - everyone is welcome here.
  • Accessibility: We always try to remove all obstacles out of the way.
  • We recycle. For example, we rely on reusable tableware.
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